Even when life gets messy,
your makeup doesn’t have to!


Clean up smears, smudges and slips on the go with
Quickstixs makeup remover sticks

We get it

Your days are busy enough, who has time to worry about smudged eyeliner or a smear of lipstick? Whether your makeup needs a little fix from crying with laughter at lunch with your girlfriends or trying to reapply that kiss-proof lip stain while driving, we’ve got you covered.


Perfect makeup corrector

QUICKSTIXS is your perfect makeup cleaner-upper for when you’re on the go. It is the humble and trusted cotton bud, but new and improved. QUICKSTIXS is a double-sided cotton bud stick with a makeup remover liquid held in the plastic bar in between. Genius!


Safety and comfort

Each cotton bud tip is made with 100% pure cotton for your safety and comfort. The makeup remover in each QUICKSTIXS is light and non-greasy, made with ingredients that are gently cleansing and moisturising for your skin.


Keep a boxful

Keep a boxful on your dresser for mornings when your cat-eye flick just doesn’t seem to behave, and a stash in your purse for when you’re getting on with your day. Even if you don’t need one, someone else probably will!

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